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Rules, Hues, and Other Files 
Welcome to the Rules, Hues, and Other Files Section, please click on a file to download.  These files are uploaded on a T1 connection for faster downloading.


       Crow's Kingdom Hues

         This is required to see the special colors we use on Crow's Kingdom.  Extract this file into your current Ultima Online

         Client Directory.


       Crow's Kingdom Rules

         This file is available via on our website or for download.  You must read these rules.  The format of this file is .txt.


       Samurai Empire Maps

         These files need to be extracted into your Ultima Online Client Map Directory.  These files allow you to see the Samurai 

         Empire lands, dungeons, and plants without having Samurai Empire installed, though it is recommended that you download 

         Ultima Online: Gold from our utilities section.















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