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 Downloads                                                                                                                                         Last Updated: January 25, 2006


Welcome to the Utilities Section, please click on a file to download.  These files are uploaded on a T1 connection for faster downloading.


       Ultima Online Gold

         This is required to play on Crow's Kingdom.  This Ultima Online client comes with all of the original clients up to the newest 

         one, Samurai Empire.



         The UOGateway client is a game launcher, very simular to other game launchers like Valve Steam and GameSpy

         Arcade/3d. The difference is that UOGateway is for Ultima Online servers only.



         Razor is a clone of UOAssist that attaches to the Ultima Online Client, it is perfectly legal on Silverblade UO and allows you 

         to do everything UOAssist can do, best of all it's 100% free. Requires .NET 1.1 Framework.


       UO Auto Map

         UO Auto-Map (UOAM for short) is a supplement to UO's radar map. You could call it a kind of GPS for UO. It's

         a utility that displays a portion of Ultima Online's map. The map can be scaled, tilted to match UO's

         orientation, labeled and configured in a number of different ways. You can even link up with your friends

         and have UOAM keep track of their locations as well.



         What is Ventrilo? To access our Ventrilo Chat Room you need a small program like Ventrilo, Its a good way to stay in touch

         With your friends and other Players !.

       Microsoft .Net 1.1 Framework

         In order to run Razor and other popular free shard programs you will need the .NET 1.1 Framework. Only download this if

         you require it.


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