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Q:  How do I connect to Crow's Kingdom Ultima Online?



1. The easiest way to connect to Crow's Kingdom is through UOGateway.  Download the latest version from our download section.   Scroll down until you see Crow's Kingdom Ultima Online.  It should be pretty self explanatory.

2. Edit your login.cfg (to be found in your Ultima Online installation directory) and change loginserver to: crowskingdom.no-ip.org ,2593

3. Download razor from our download section and enter the following server information
Server : crowskingdom.no-ip.org  Port : 2593

Below are some Maps of the differnet worlds of Ulitma Online CLICK ON THE NAME of the map to view larger map.


  Trammel/Felucca Map           T2A Map                      Ilshenar Map                  Malas Map                  Tokuno Map


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