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Welcome to the Crow's Kingdom Website


Welcome to the Crow's Kingdom Website!   Please respect and read the rules of our shard before actively using our services.  


Join us on Ventrilo by clicking here.
View the current server status by clicking here.
Login to Crow's Kingdom Ultima Online directly via UOGateway by clicking here.

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Posted By: Siofra


Changes to the website:

Website layout: Certian areas of the layout did not work, as such had to be removed until I can have them fixed.
Damian has designed the template this website is based off of. Special thanks goes out to him! I have also redirected our old address to this ad free one. 
You will need to be fully Patched to see the New Dungeons and Monsters. We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions in regards to the new website feel free to send a email to Crow at crows_kingdom@hotmail.com,
or Siofra at mssable@hotmail.com



Posted By: Crow


  Its Now Auto Account, 2 Accounts Per Ip Please.   How do I connect to Crow's Kingdom Ultima Online? Try reading the Faq on how to connect using UoGateway or Razor. You may email Us and or Post on the Forums for any account help, We will email you back.   My Email is crows_kingdom@hotmail.com



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